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Our direct-fit exhaust systems are engineered to improve your vehicle's overall performance by generating more horsepower and torque while reducing exhaust gas temperatures and improving gas mileage. Using precise measurements, the mandrel bent tubing and increased pipe diameter ensure optimum exhaust flow, yet still bolt to factory emission systems. Independently conducted dyno testing has proven that Silverline™ diesel exhaust systems improve performance by as much as 13 horsepower and 23 ft. lbs. of torque. See our performance stats page for more information on dyno results for both sport compact and diesel truck.


Brought to you by ANSA Automotive with over 45+ years exhaust experience, Silverline™ offers quality and innovation unmatched by competitors. Offering top of the line aircraft quality T304 stainless steel exhaust products, including a wide selection of universal tips and accessories, Silverline™ systems offer superiour resistance to corrosion and discoloration. Our systems are designed to bolt right on and include pre-welded hangers and hardware for an easy, no-hassle installation. All Silverline™ stainless steel systems are supplied with a highly polished muffler featuring polished welds to provide a seamless appearance.


For the diesel enthusiast, the Silverline™ diesel muffler is the key to the aggressive sound associated with these exhaust systems. With a free-flow design, the strategically placed louvers provide sound deadening control for a more pleasant in-cab ride while still providing the deep, rich sound of the diesel engine during acceleration. All Silverline™ systems are designed and tested for optimal sound which produces the authoritative sound that Sport Compact and Diesel Truck owners desire. Visit our Sound and Video Clips page for more information.

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